About Bob



Bob Buford in his Dallas office with
Peter looking over his shoulder.

Until the sale of his company in July 1999, Bob Buford served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Buford Television, Inc., a family owned business that started with a single ABC affiliate in Tyler, Texas, and grew to a network of cable systems across the country.

In 1995, Buford wrote Halftime, a book that came out of his mind and heart on how to find meaning fulfillment in the second half of our lives. Those who read Halftime andGame Plan (published in 1997) often want to know more about the endeavors in which Bob Buford is involved as a result of his own “halftime” experience. Buford’s third book,Stuck in Halftime: Reinvesting Your One and Only Life, was released in April 2001.Finishing Well: What People Who REALLY Live do Differently! a compilation of over sixty remarkable and inspiring interviews threaded with Buford’s own experiences, was released in 2004.  An updated Halftime was released in late 2008, along with Beyond Halftime, a collection of Buford’s musings on the things that matter most in moving from gaining success to leaving a legacy.

The organizations on the "partners" page serve as a brief description of initiatives that reflect his interests both as an entrepreneur and someone wanting to make a difference through the application of his faith and resources under the general mission of transforming the latent energy of American Christianity into active energy.