"In Drucker and Me, Bob Buford has introduced us to a Peter Drucker few of us knew. Most think Drucker was all about how to manage a business. That was never the case. He was about people and organizations. His task was to make effective organizations and help people achieve. His focus on business was in large part because businesses, with their financial information, provided a uniform way to measure results. Yet as time passed and business became hyper competitive with ever-growing emphasis on executive compensation and on the short-term, he became increasingly disillusioned. It wasn’t that sales, earnings, and compensation didn’t matter; they became the only thing that mattered.

About that time you came along with a different sort of organization, one that was not about how to make more money, but about social impact. It took Peter’s core beliefs and observations and applied them to perhaps the fastest growing organizations, namely mega-churches. Their growth was testament to the needs and desires of a generation of people who found that their traditional church did not meet.

Bob’s reflection in Drucker & Me shows a very different facet of Drucker and his work, emphasizing that management is generic. In other words, the principles are basically the same whether in government, business, or the social sector. It starts with passionate leaders such as Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, or Bob Buford.

I just finished reading Drucker & Me. Once I got started I could not put it down. Just as church leaders benefited from what Peter had to say, the application of Peter’s teachings to church leaders and business leaders who read this book will learn from the modern church.

As a fellow student of Peter, I was amused by Bob’s observation, that he didn’t know where Peter stops and he starts. I feel exactly the same way. I’m thankful for Bob performing a great service by showing us this aspect of Peter—both the man and his work."

John Bachmann, Senior Partner of Edward Jones

“I personally witnessed this fascinating backstory between two of my best friends, Peter and Bob. Now everyone can benefit from the amazing conversations Bob had with one of the brightest minds of all time.”  

Dr. Rick Warren, Founding Pastor of Saddleback Church and Author of The Purpose Driven Life


“I loved Drucker and Me. I can’t think of two more influential people, not only in my life but in the lives of many others, than Peter Drucker and Bob Buford. Learning from their friendship and stimulating interactions is a gift you won’t want to miss!”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level


"Drucker and Me’ is absolutely outstanding.  I read it once, took notes, and have returned twice again.   I am delighted to be able to publicly recognize Bob and this fine work.

This little book punches well above its weight!  Imbued with wisdom, it is a powerful story of profound collaboration and inspired leadership, teaching us all how to lead more useful lives in service of others."

Tom Tierney, Chairman and Co-founder of The Bridgespan Group


"Many have been greatly inspired in leadership by Bob Buford and now he provides us with insights into one of the extraordinary people who inspired him."

Reverend Nicky Gumbel,   Vicar of  Holy Trinity Brompton and Pioneer of The Alpha Course


"Friendships mark our lives, but rarely do we get to peak in on the lives of great men through the prism of friendship. Drucker and Me is an opportunity to do just that. Bob Buford provides us with a rare glimpse of an even rarer man, and graciously shares the fruits of his friendship. It is interesting and informative, a must-read for Drucker devotees and a primer for those discovering him for the first time."

Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research, www.edstetzer.com


"While Peter Drucker transformed leaders around the globe with ground-breaking leadership principles, not many got to know Drucker the man. In this very personal book, Bob Buford shows that as great as his influence was as a management guru, Drucker was an even greater friend and mentor. Thank you Bob for allowing us to drink from the same bottomless glass from which you drank firsthand."

 David Delk and Patrick Morley, authors and Co-CEOs, Man in the Mirror


"Bob Buford faithfully and persistently models a life of doing for others what Peter Drucker did for him.  His "you can do it, how can I help" servant's posture is a powerful mechanism for bringing out the very best in others and is a simple, yet profound approach to accelerating impact and results. By serving as the "catapult" and letting me be the "plane", Bob's fingerprints and core values are now embedded and living in the organizations I run. I'm now committed to doing for others what Bob Buford has done for me. Its contagious and multiplying. Thank you Peter.  Thank you Bob!"

Todd Wilson, Founder and CEO of Exponential


"Experiencing the last meeting between Bob Buford and Peter Drucker is something I will never forget—being in the same room as they said their goodbyes was a special gift.  It has taken years of study and observation to understand the extent to which Peter and Bob have indeed changed the world in which we live.  Bob, with whom I have shared tears, laughter, a mission to unleash the ideas found in Ephesians 2:10, and many memorable dinners has truly shaped my life.  I am eternally grateful for all that Peter Drucker did for Bob Buford and even more grateful that Bob has done the same for me."  

Derek Bell, President of Mosaic Trust and Associate of The Buford Foundation


"Bob Buford invited me into his encounters with Peter Drucker and my life has been influenced ever since.  Drucker and Me now invites everyone into the same encounters and the joys of the journey."

Leith Anderson, President of the National Association of Evangelicals


“I did not know Peter Drucker personally, yet have admired his work from a distance since as far as I can remember. Drucker & Me provides a perspective on this important man that few would have of any man…one that even further enhances our collective view of his incredible contributions to our work here. I am grateful for Bob’s effort in sharing this with all of us.”

Curt Pullen, Executive Vice President and President, Herman Miller North America and Chairman of the Board of Advisors, The Drucker Institute


"Drucker and Me is a wonderful  example of what mentoring is supposed to be. . The story is a warm relationship between mentor and his pupil.. It is a model for anyone who is in a mentoring relationship. and demonstrates how both people benefit from it.  I felt I was part of the conversation..  A bonus was the wisdom that Peter Drucker imparted that is valuable all of us.  It is worth rereading regularly. One of the best books I have read in recent years."

Wally Hawley, Co-founder of InterWest Partners and Philanthropist


"A mentor is a person who multiplies their impact by investing in the lives and work of others.  Peter Drucker was such a mentor to Bob Buford and then Bob became a mentor to countless others. This is the heartwarming story of how two men changed each others' lives and then leveraged that transformation to meet "human needs and alleviate suffering"  through a chain reaction that is still changing our world."

Richard Stearns, President World Vision US and author of The Hole in Our Gospel and Unfinished


“I am an absolute by-product of Bob Buford’s relationship with Peter Drucker. I first met Bob in 1988 at a small gathering of pastors sponsored by Bob and spurred on by Drucker’s coaching. As I look back over two and half decades later, every major fruit of my work connects back to Bob. A better title for this book is ‘Drucker, Buford and Me.”

Randy Frazee, Senior Minister, Oak Hills Church, author of The Heart of the Story and The Connecting Church


"Being mentored by Peter Drucker was one of God's great gifts to my ministry.  I remain indebted to Bob Buford for making that happen."

Bill Hybels, Founding Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church


"For a half century, Peter Drucker was a guiding voice for both my father, who founded Yamazaki Baking Company in Japan in 1948, and then for me. It was Mr. Bob Buford who gave me the special opportunity to become Peter’s last, and least, disciple. Bob’s book “Drucker and Me” provides all the answers to the questions I had about Peter Drucker and his management theory. This book points to a new way and to a path for all human organizations to follow – business and non profit – that is fully functional and produces results. This book will be my second bible on management."

Nobuhiro Iijima, President and CEO of Yamazaki Baking Company, Tokyo, Japan


"Drucker & Me is both a moving story and a genius handbook for creating a societal revolution for great good.  Through the eyes of successful business leader and influential churchman Bob Buford, he describes in great detail 20 years of being mentored by the father of modern management, Peter Drucker. This brilliant book shows how Drucker and Buford became friends and successfully conspired through the American church and the social sector to create a better society. Drucker & Me is a rare book because the story will move you emotionally; while at the same time the pages will be dog-eared reminding you of leadership principles you will never want to forget."

Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church; Visionary Leader of NewThing & author of Finding Your Way Back To God


"This inspiring story of an entrepreneur's collaboration with the legendary management thinker Peter Drucker shows that great ideas combined with passionate execution really can change the world."

Mike Ullman, Chief Executive Officer and Director of J.C. Penney


"A remarkable friendship  is revealed  in a compelling, inspirational and challenging way and the reader becomes part of this special relationship." 

Steve Reinemund, Dean, Wake Forest School of Business and Retired Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo


“Peter Drucker rarely wrote forewords to books by other authors. Yet he did it twice for Bob Buford. That gives you an idea of the mutual respect Drucker and Buford had for each other. Their relationship comes alive in Drucker & Me, and in the process we learn much about the lives of both men that can be a beacon for our self-development.”

Bruce Rosenstein, Managing Editor, Leader to Leader; and author of Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way 

"DRUCKER & ME has brought together the BEST of Peter Drucker with the BEST of Bob Buford to bring out the BEST in everyone who reads this book. It happened to me and I promise it will happen to you. DRUCKER & Me is definitely one of the best books that I have ever read in my life. "

Dr Walt Kallestad, Senior Pastor, Community Church of Joy

"It is a little known story that Peter Drucker spent many hours in the last part of his life focused not on business, but on social organizations. One of the leaders he mentored was Bob Buford, author of this book. It is not only  a remembrance but also a call for social leaders to apply many of Peter's thoughts to their important work."

Dave Travis, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Encouragement Officer of Leadership Network


"In Drucker and Me, Bob Buford gives us an inside look at the intriguing friendship between two influential men who together changed the course of the modern megachurch movement and its capacity to impact and redeem the world."

Steve Stroope, Lead Pastor of Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, Texas and Author of Tribal Church


"This rich, intimate journey inside the relationship between two world changing men, inspires me to not only have a wisdom-source in my life but to offer it to younger leaders."

 Lloyd Reeb, Author of Halftime for Couples


"We forget that legends are real people too.  Peter Drucker shaped a generation’s views on business and entrepreneurship; Bob Buford transformed American Christianity.   But here we see two legends as friends: enjoying, supporting and learning from each other." 

Jeff Sanderfer, Founder and Master Teacher at Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship


"Only Bob Buford could capture the essence of Peter Drucker in such a moving and authentic way, for who was as close to Peter as Bob Buford?  Bob's book is pure Peter."

Frances Hesselbein, President & CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute (originally the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management)


"Bob Buford's account of his journey with Peter Drucker provides an amazing insight into both fellow travelers that is well worth reading as a guide to being a leader and then doing something about it." 

Richard F. Schubert, Chairman of The National Job Corps Association, former president of the American Red Cross, Co-Founder of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management

"As one who reaped the benefit of a relationship with Peter through Bob's friendship, I can say you will not read a more heart-felt, accurate and authoritative account of an extraordinary relationship."

Fred Smith, President of The Gathering


"Bob represents to me what Peter Drucker was to him; a mentor, a partner and a friend.  The impact that Peter left on him  made such an impact on the Halftime Organization that I see Bob continuing to be my ‘Peter Drucker’; being that persistent little voice, guiding me to become a better CEO, husband and father.  But, it isn’t Bob's distinct and incredible leadership ability that stands out the most to me in this book. It is the humility he daily exhibits as a servant of God.  It is how he keeps the focus on God and the calling uniquely designed for him.  Thank you for allowing the world to see a little bit of the inner workings of your relationship with Peter. May we all strive for a similar impact on the Kingdom."

Dean Niewolny, CEO of Halftime


"In addition to being a terrific read, Drucker & Me provides an intimate portrait of Peter Drucker as we've never seen him before: as a close friend and mentor. In this way, it reveals not only important organizational lessons but also wonderful life lessons. There are lots of Drucker books out there at this point; this one is a true standout."

Rick Wartzman, Executive Director of The Drucker Institute and Columnist for Time.com


“Bob Buford creates another great book – and as an extra added benefit we get the perceptive wisdom of Drucker added to the mix as well."

Philip F. Anschutz, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


"This book is about the power of partnership:  Peter Drucker's genius joined to Bob Buford's receptive, entrepreneurial energy.  Until now, few people have realized this synergistic relationship literally changed the face of today's church.  A book filled with great insights any spiritual leader can benefit by, this is a story that needs to be told."

Robert Lewis, Pastor and Founder of Men's Fraternity


"Early in my ministry I learned what is at least a partial truth: He who does the work is not as important as he who multiplies the doers. Both Peter Drucker and Bob Buford are unique in that they have taken this a step further.  They have left a legacy of multiplying multipliers. What Peter Drucker was to Bob Buford, Bob has been to countless pastors like myself – a multiplier through our lives. I have said countless times that few people, if any, have influenced today’s church as significantly as Bob Buford. After reading this book you will understand why and how he has done this – in large part because of an expert multiplier named Peter Drucker. I advise you to not just read this book but study it. It is filled with pearls of insight."

Randy Pope, Pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA

"Bob Buford harnesses the story of his mentorship by Peter Drucker to convey on to us, his readers, a measure of mentorship for our own lives. Drucker & Me will not only have you marveling at its front-row view of the unique friendship between these two extraordinary people. It will also leave you pondering in new and profound ways what your answer will be to Drucker’s greatest question: “What do you want to be remembered for?”'

Zach First, Managing Director of the Drucker Institute

"Drucker and Me is a most unusual and inspirational book. It tells the story about Bob Buford's faithfulness to God's call on his life which came early and came in season after he completed his obligations to his family. The book tells about Bob's vision and Drucker's active participation in helping Bob achieve the vision. Leadership Network, The Halftime Institute, and Bob's numerous publications are all devoted to helping people develop their gifts. This was a driving force in Drucker's life and work. The 20-plus year collaboration between the two seems to me to have been pre-ordained and its richness can inspire each one of us to press on and try to make a positive difference in the lives of people. I urge you to read the book and take the message to heart!"

Joe Maciariello, Senior Fellow and Professor Emeritus at The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, Claremont, California


“I was captivated by the warmth and authenticity of Bob's description of his mentor relationship with Peter Drucker in Drucker & Me. Typical mentors offer lessons on the unwritten rules in the professional world, but great mentors focus on our “whole” life including faith, relationships and work.  This is a “whole life” book.  I can testify that what Bob learned from Peter he passed on to others, including me: Bob catapulted the ministry I founded. To Bob and now Peter, I am grateful.”

Diane Paddison, Founder of  4word (www.4wordwomen.org) and author of “Work, Love, Pray” and Chief Strategy Officer, Cassidy Turley

"Drucker & Me" is the story of the friendship of Bob Buford and Peter Drucker - but it is much more than that.  It is a real live case study of how Peter Drucker mentored and encouraged Bob Buford to do all that he's done the past thirty years.  What I loved was not "new" things about Drucker or his management principles but how someone I knew applied them.  I was making notes in the margins about how those same principles applied to me and what I was doing.  I absolutely LOVED this book.  I love Bob Buford, and he's impacted my life so deeply - now I know where some of those ideas came from!  Thank you Bob.”

Bob Roberts, Pastor of Northwood Church and Author of Bold As Love


"What an extraordinary story -- the life partnership between Bob Buford, the world’s most brilliant entrepreneur for faith, and Peter Drucker, the leading management thinker of the last century -- and how it  has changed the world!"

Bill Drayton, CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public


“Millions know the work of management guru Peter Drucker and Bob Buford through his best-selling books. But until now few have known the story of their long friendship and the profound influence it has had on the contemporary social landscape: It was their meeting of minds and hearts that launched the modern mega-church movement in the United States. This is a terrific read not only for the light it sheds on this transformative change in American religion, but also for its conviction that we can all be engaged in work that has meaning.”

Bill Simon, Entrepreneur and Author of Living the Call: An Introduction to the Lay Vocation


“What a wonderful story of two pioneers of different backgrounds who conceived and implemented social entrepreneurship for the American Church and changed millions of lives.”

Tom Luce, CEO of TWL Consulting and Chairman of the Board, National Math and Science Initiative


"The wisdom of Peter Drucker has had a profound influence upon many people.  Some of us have had the privilege of knowing him as both a friend and a mentor.  This book reflects how Bob Buford benefited from such a relationship and has multiplied in the lives of others the wisdom he learned from Peter."

Bill Pollard, Chairman Emeritus of The ServiceMaster Company and Board Member of The Drucker Institute

“I have been an admirer of Bob Buford’s life-changing books for many years. Drucker and Me is my new favorite. The book is very engaging and skillfully personalizes the relationship between Bob and Peter Drucker, providing unique and wonderful insights on Drucker as a man and a friend.”

Jack Bergstrand, CEO, Brand Velocity, Inc.

"As a young pastor I devoured Peter Drucker’s management insights. Later, as the pastor of a so-called mega church, I devoured everything Bob Buford and Leadership Network had to offer. Together they became my go-to for clarity and mentoring at the 30,000-foot level. In Drucker & Me, Bob pulls back the curtain to show how they fit together and a side of Drucker that many of us who have leaned on his insights but never knew the man will benefit from."

Larry Osborne, Author and Pastor, North Coast Church, Vista, CA


"Lots of people talk about playing a role in making the world a better place; this is a story about two individuals who actually have made the world a better place.  Their willingness to listen, love and learn from each other, and their focus on outcomes created a platform that has contributed to a more fully functioning society."

Mike Regan, Chief of Relationship Development at TranzAct Technologies, Inc.


"Bob Buford received much from Peter Drucker. I have received much from Bob as a mentor to me over the past 15 years and for that I owe respect to Drucker as well. Bob has given his life to multiplication, and I have been blessed from it and passed that on to others. This is how it is meant to be. Be fruitful and multiply."

Neil Cole, Organic Church planter, founder of Church Multiplication Associates and author of Church Transfusion.