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Posted by Norman L. Rosenthal on
Dear Bob:

I just finished reading your book. I have one question: What did you pay Peter Drucker for his consulting services? I assume he didn't spend a day with you a year for free. Moreover, I have found in life that one generally gets what one pays for.

I very much appreciate your response.

Warm regards,

Norman L. Rosenthal

Posted by admin on
Hello Norman, I work with Bob and I am mentioned in the book several times. Bob started paying Peter as a consultant and he could demand a large consulting fee for a day. That specific number is not public. However, when the relationship turned more personal, Peter told Bob to stop paying him. Bob never paid him after that.
Posted by Paul Spinka on
Thank you Bob. From Success To Significance changed my life. I heard you speak some 25 or 30 yrs. ago at Christ Church of Oak Brook and bought your book. I have loaned it out numerous times.
I retired in 1996 and started playing golf 4 or 5times a week. Rediscovered your book in my library , read it again and it got me thinking. Since then I have put golf aside replacing it with volunteering with Samaritians Purse Disaster Relief and Habitat 4 Humanity. Life has become more fulfilling and rewarding. Thank you again.
I just finished Drucker and Me and enjoyed it as well.
The Lord bless.
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